The Institute of  design, applied arts and humanities education
St. Petersburg, Afonskaya street, 2

tel / fax +7 (812) 644-43-68, 644-43-69

“If you have a drop of artistic talent, and are passionate about your art, these are the teachers to have and this is the place to be.”

The Institute of  design, applied arts and humanities education (License № 001465 series АAА, April 28, 2011; Certificate of State Accreditation  № 000301  series ВВ, March 25, 2010) is the institution of higher education in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. The Institute ranks high among public and private higher education institutions and universities in Russia. The Institute was founded in 1996. The Institute strives to be a stimulating community of students and teachers who cross the boundaries of conventional art and design disciplines; who apply aesthetic and intellectual vision to the expression of complex ideas; who value artistic tradition and experimentation in the search for creative solutions; who connect international experience with professional education; who integrate technical skills with theoretical understanding; and who care about the impact of our work on people.

The Institute  is devoted to the cultivation and refinement of the arts, as well as to relevant teaching and research. The range of courses available at the Institute is unusually extensive, encompassing fine art (painting, easel drawing and graphics, tapestry, etching, art metal and sculpture), design (interior and exterior design, art textiles in an interior, fashion, graphics, photo design), Cultural studies and Art teacher training, History and Theory of Fine Art, and Choreography (modern dance and ballet).  Study courses offer students a unique opportunity to explore, develop and create with a variety of traditional and modern materials, including: metal, paper, plastic, textiles, etc.

It is precisely this diversity of artistic disciplines, which is also supplemented by a large number of scientific subjects that serves to create the very special atmosphere of free artistic and scientific expression. The development of individual creativity and theoretical and conceptual reflections on the artistic oeuvre are at the heart of the learning process. Students at the Institute study and experience art not for its own sake, but as both the starting point and medium for communications, in which the analysis of parameters relating to the meaning and effectiveness of art within a social context plays an established and significant role.

Our students learn by working hands-on in modern studios and workshops, focusing on areas they are interested in and producing innovative products, designs, ideas and artifacts. The study process is modular and designed to give students a mix of practical, theoretical, and technical skills. As well as studio and workshop sessions, students learn through tutorials, seminars, lectures, and regular visits to galleries, active workshops, design practices, businesses, and museums. The encouragement to develop a creative vision and the facilitation of artistic experiment in combination with a declared commitment to technical excellence and conceptive brilliance are the basic elements of the quality standards, which apply to students and teachers alike at the Institute.

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